The Sacrifice

sacrificeOn the eve of the holy day of Samhain, the people of Briana’s village sacrifice the most beautiful woman to protect the village from evil demons let loose from the Otherworld. Briana’s foster mother is psychic and knows ahead of time that Briana will be chosen. She urges Briana to flee the village. The druids send their most trusted enforcer, Weylyn,after her. But Weylyn is torn between his duty as an enforcer and his love for Briana.

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Other Side

other-sideOther Side is a riveting psychological tale set in the New York City metropolitan area. The themes are viewed through the experiences of Jordan Baros a young middle class attorney. The title Other Side is an attempt to explore the duality of personality, character and actions of people. Jordan faces his conflicts and value propositions through four relationships that are juxtaposed and contradictory. His pursuit of validation and truth is explored through his mother, wife, mistress and a sex worker. The anecdotes from each encapsulate a broad perspective of political and social issues in a multicultural society. Jordan’s journey and the women’s stories of relationship struggle and maturation provide the platform for all the characters development.

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Dangerous Favor

dangerous-favorMathilde needs a champion.

Her father has been accused of stealing from the king, an allegation that has reduced her family to poverty. She has one chance to find and marry a man who can help her prove her father’s innocence. Lord Therri, heir to a rich barony, has the wealth and connections Mathilde needs to delve into the mysteries of her father’s past. Furthermore, Therri embodies all her romantic dreams.

Etienne, the younger son of a disgraced family, has neither wealth nor connections, but is smitten with Mathilde at a glance. She finds the knight intriguing, but believes he is only out to seduce her. While she seeks for a way to win Therri’s attention, Etienne tricks her into granting him her favor, an embroidered white ribbon, for a tournament, setting in motion a dangerous chain reaction of events. Can Etienne save Mathilde from a nightmare from her past and prove himself the true hero of her dreams?

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Sarah Roberts Series Vol. 10-12

sarah-robertsVivian has sent Sarah to Kelowna, British Columbia, to antagonize a member of The Royal Canadian Mounted Police. When she arrives, Barry Ashford, the RCMP officer Sarah is supposed to irritate, has just saved a woman from a suicide attempt. To the media and the public, Barry Ashford is a hero. To Sarah, he is breaking the law and getting away with it because he’s a member of the street gang in blue.

Since Vivian hasn’t revealed exactly what Barry is up to, Sarah doesn’t have much to go on. The message was simple: Antagonize RCMP Officer Barry Ashford until he confesses his crimes to her.

Sarah’s efforts to goad him don’t work. Eventually, the entire Kelowna RCMP detachment is looking for Sarah on harassment charges.

She can’t afford to be arrested and she can’t afford to fail Vivian.

With her options running out, she abducts Barry, ties him up in the basement of her rented home, and interrogates him.
Vivian leaves Sarah another message that Barry is only the barnacle on the Mother Ship. She needs to look deeper for a darker truth, one much larger than Barry.

When Sarah comes face to face with that truth, she discovers an evil too large to handle on her own. One that will kill her unless Vivian intervenes.

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Fire Mage

fire-mageWhen her master, the Great Mage Thornal is murdered by royal assassins, Jena vows revenge on the man responisble – Prince Lothar, the next king of Ignisia. It’s a hopeless quest that’s likely to get her killed, but Jena has help from her master’s familiar, a giant raven, and Nate, a failed mage who’s being hunted by Prince Lothar’s minions. Together they might just be able to save Ignisia, and themselves, from the machinations of a ruthless royal prince.

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Vegan Teenage Zombie Huntress (The Redvale Zombie Prom Series Book 1)

vegan-teenClarissa Hargrove thinks prom is bad for girls. She’s been protesting it for weeks, but the conformist sheep that go to Redvale High could care less. Not one single girl has ditched her prom gown in the name of feminism, except for Clarissa’s loyal, underappreciated BFF Cokie. But Clarissa is still on a mission to save more souls-she’ll be at prom, with her bullhorn and picket signs, telling girls they have one last chance to ditch their hooker heels and claim their independence before high school is over.

That night, Clarissa drags Cokie to school to protest, but almost everyone at prom has turned into flesh-eating monsters. Trapped in a high-school zombie hellhole, the girls realize they’ve never taken a chance on love, and set out on dangerous quest to save their crushes.

But there’s one teensy little problem.
Clarissa is vegan and hates violence of any kind. Will Cokie and Clarissa survive?

A mashup of hilarious pop culture hits like Daria, Mean Girls, and Shaun of the Dead, VEGAN TEENAGE ZOMBIE HUNTRESS will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

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Gargoyle Curse: 2 Book Boxset

gargoyle-curseWilliam Massa is a produced screenwriter and bestselling Amazon author. His film credits include Return to House on Haunted Hill and he has sold pitches and scripts to Warner, USA TV, Silver Pictures, Dark Castle, Maverick and Sony.

William has lived in NYC, Florida, Europe and now resides in Venice Beach surrounded by skaters and surfers. He writes SF and dark fantasy with an action-adventure flavor.

He is planning on expanding his OCCULT ASSASSIN series with two upcoming spin-offs: SHADOW DETECTIVE and SPIRIT BREAKERS.

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Occult Assassin: Damnation Code

occult-assassinThe forces of darkness have a new enemy!

Enter the terrifying world of former Special Ops soldier Mark Talon and occult expert/tech billionaire Simon Casca. Two men, united by tragedy, with one goal – to keep the world safe from black magic occult threats. Their chilling missions will take them across the globe and pit them against apocalyptic cults, cursed relics and supernatural terrorists bent on world destruction.

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