Taking A Hit

taking-a-hitThe Syclon Shamrocks football team has the game of the century when they beat the rival that couldn’t be beaten. But on the night of the game, when most of the athletes are celebrating, tragedy strikes first one player, then another dies.

Nobody knows why. Could the Tentillucci family, one of the most vicious crime families of all time, be involved?

Centering on quarterback Sky Washington and his wife and kids, the book gives glimpses into the lives of the players and staff. With an insider’s take on the game of football, and insights into the minds of the characters, this action packed story will fill readers with fear and angst as the plot unfolds.

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Deadly Lode

deadly-lodeActing on a hunch, geologist Trace Brandon discovers the portal to the lost Sullivan Mine. Against his better judgement, he enters the nineteenth century workings and is nearly killed collecting ore samples. The assays are equally deadly-high-grade pitchblende uranium. A worthless gangue mineral in the 1890s, but potentially worth millions in today’s market.

News of Brandon’s discovery spreads like smallpox through the Vancouver Stock Exchange. Cyrus “the Virus” McSweeny, an ex-con and stock promoter, begins scheming to acquire the mine, while the Pantelli crime family circles like a vulture-looking for an opening.

As Brandon begins to drill out the rich uranium orebody, his investors start dying-and not from natural causes. The exotic nature of the murders catches the attention of FBI, but it’s the uranium grades that catch Hong Kong-based Lei Chang’s eye. Chang wants the uranium reserves for his Chinese-backed mining company, and he doesn’t care how he gets them.

Brandon is forced into an unorthodox alliance in order to maintain control of the Sullivan Mine-and stay alive.

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Fever Quest

fever-questA tale of loyalty, betrayal… and the painful cost of doing the right thing. Sixteen year old Isabella lives in 19th century India where her father is missing in action. With her street-urchin friend Midge, she sets out on a mission to find him, while delivering an vital malaria cure on the way. But when the two get caught up in the malevolent plans of a diamond mogul, everyone’s fate depends upon Isabella. She can only save her friend and the countless sick who are in jeopardy if she can find the courage to put others before herself… Fever Quest is an exciting action-packed historical drama aimed at the 11+ marketplace.

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Freedom Square: A Gripping International Thriller

freedom-squareEx-elite agent Jenna Royal will stop at nothing to track down the sister who betrayed her. But who else is she willing to risk?

Eastern Europe stands on the brink of a new Russian invasion. Insurgents and fake protesters stir up trouble on the streets. A mighty Russian war machine is poised across the border.

Determined to stop protest turning into a bloody invasion, Jenna, Eva and Dan must use every tactic tin the book… and even then it may not be enough.

Overwhelming odds and a burning desire for revenge work against them at every level.

If you enjoy high-octane, page-turning, adventures, this is for you. Freedom Square is a thrilling short read series with an explosive ending. If you love the Jet series, Konkoly, Dawson and Reacher, you’ll love FREEDOM SQUARE.

This is a short read with cliff hangers.

More Free Jenna Royal action is available in The Last Line – look for the boxed set at Amazon.

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Ascension Day

ascension-dayLawyer Jac McElroy’s first big case is a no-hoper: to get a pardon for a man set to be executed in just fifty days …But Jac’s hungry to make his mark and he knows something just isn’t right about Larry Durrant’s murder conviction.

Trouble is, everyone thinks Larry’s guilty, from the Louisiana Governor right down to the accused, who has confessed to the crime and now wants to make peace with his maker. Working alone, Jac soon discovers that someone doesn’t want anyone -especially a lawyer – digging around this case. And they’ll stop at nothing to make sure Larry’s execution goes ahead on schedule. Now Jac must decide whether he’s prepared to risk his career, his reputation and his life to save a man who, by his own admission, is a murderer…

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Regency Rakes Boxed Set

regency-rakesThree Captivating, Regency Romances, by best selling author Wendy Vella.


Tthe Duke of Stratton is shocked to learn he has a fiancee he’s never met. Forced to wed Miss Eva Winchcomb, can they make their marriage real despite coming from two completely different worlds?

Winner: Romance Writers of New Zealand Clendon Award for a full-length romantic manuscript.


Miss Claire Belmont’s life is thrown into turmoil when she finds out her brother left something behind in France before he died. Going against her family’s wishes, she vows to uncover the secret of what it is, and is forced to turn to the one man she vowed to avoid at all costs for help. Claire has always feared that if anyone can disrupt her well-ordered life and see the vulnerable woman behind the polite facade, it will be Viscount Kelkirk and now they are thrown together, she realizes her fears were justified.


Seven years after her disastrous debut, Miss Patience Allender has reluctantly returned to society to chaperone her sister. No longer the meek, mild Miss, she will never again allow a man to humiliate her. However, Patience’s resolve is severely tested when she comes face-to-face, with the very man who shattered her heart. Desperate for help when her family is thrust into danger, Lord Belmont is the only one she can turn to – but can she do so and keep her heart whole or will he destroy her once again?

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Lacy’s End

lacysendFor most of Lacy Waldrip’s life, she and her mother, Brenda have suffered abuse at the hands of the man who is supposed to love them, cherish them, and protect them. To make matters worse, their abuser wears a badge and uses it to keep his deputies from interfering in his right to discipline his women. Both women have accepted, each determined to stay in the relationship to help the other. Then one day, the sheriff goes too far and Lacy and Brenda end up in the hospital where they meet Dr. Allen Petoro. Together with a determined social worker, Angela Martin, Dr. Petoro vows to help the two victims break free of their abuser. However, Sheriff Peter Waldrip isn’t going to let his family go that easily.

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Coffee Roasting Made Easy

coffee-roastingCreate a $50,000 income roasting just one hour per day. Hidden within the second most traded commodity in the world is a virtually untapped business opportunity. Coffee Roasting Made Easy provides valuable insights from the pioneers of this new budding industry. Coffee micro roasting is today what micro brew beer was 25 years ago. Learn how to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity!

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