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But…Who is Allah?

Follow the story of Adam, a young Muslim child that is curious about religion and wants to learn who Allah is, and why does his family love Him. Through a fun story for both children and parents, allow your kids to start comprehending religious concepts and daily-used expressions, while also inciting curiosity for further knowledge about Islam.

Enjoy with your little one a unique, creative journey that will introduce them to their religion, and offer them a positive and comforting perception of the Islamic belief, culture and way of life-a must-have children’s book, that shouldn’t be missing from any Muslim family’s book case!

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My Snowman, Paul

What do kids like to do on a snowy winter day? Yes! Build a snowman!

Meet Dan, a fun-seeking boy and his lovable snowman, Paul who enjoys playing with his young new friend. Dan and Snowman Paul will transport you and your children to imaginary worlds where magic happens and impossible dreams come true.

My Snowman Paul, is the first volume in an award-winning children’s picture-book series. It tells the story of how Dan and Paul first meet and become best friends. The story encourages us to listen to the little voice inside us and not to worry too much about what others might think about our whims and dreams.

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