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The Year Santa Stubbed His Toe

The man in red really exists.

To all the people in the world that say Santa is just a myth, you are simply and completely wrong. Many tales have been told about the man in red. Some true—some as true as two-headed unicorns with wings living in the city of Atlantis.
This tale is true.

A year not so long ago, Santa was ready to take his yearly pilgrimage on the night before Christmas when disaster struck—he stubbed his toe. Not once, but twice—the second blow was against a gift-wrapped bowling ball that ballooned his toe to twice its size. He could not make his yearly run by himself; he needed help. So on that fateful night, he enlisted four of his best elves to help him make his deliveries around the world: Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, and North America.
A journey that was not only a night of discovery for the elves on that Christmas Eve—but for Santa and the world as well … The Year Santa Stubbed his Toe.

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Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind: Fables and Modern Fairy Tales for Children

In the spirit of Dr. Seuss, and Shel Silverstein, “Tales For Your Monkey’d Mind” are “Fables and Modern Fairy Tales for Children.” Each imaginative and charming story reflects timeless themes that are both highly entertaining and help kids build self-esteem. Here are a few of the interesting characters you’ll love meeting:

Little Fey, who searches for something to make her happy one day, but she realizes that her search is pushing her happiness further away.

Angela, who spends her days worrying about what will happen to her when she dies, until she discovers there are others things to think about instead.

Alex, who daydreams of working in the Wallerwood Toy Factory, and he sets off to see the secrets kept hidden behind the factory’s front doors only to learn that even all the toys in the world can’t make you happy and what might.

Jessica, who wants to become the best clown that Clown Town has ever seen. Then she learns that being a clown is not as much fun as she thought.

Author Steve Reedy helps kid face life challenges with imagination to find answers within.

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Avianna and Rupert the Space Bear

Avianna is an inquisitive child. When she finds herself in the presence of a Space Bear after he becomes trapped on Earth, she is led on an adventure through space as she helps the bear return home to the planet Pluto.

Whilst she courageously helps, they both have challenges throughout the journey and Avianna must deal with the dilemma of sacrificing her own self-interests for the bear’s survival.

Wondering if this was all a dream or reality, she later learns that deep within her is a selfless and courageous young girl.

Throughout the story is a message about determination and self-belief, taking readers on a humorous and emotional journey.

With its imaginative feel and out-of-this-world artwork from Shiela Marie, this is a reassuring, fun and exciting story for any child and young teen with an appetite for science and space exploration.

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Kitty Born at Sea: A Kitty Adventure

Kitty is born in Mexico on a Nordhavn 56 motorsailer. He travels with his Momma and Captain around the Gulf of Mexico and Florida and up the east coast to the Chesapeake Bay.

Kitty learns to protect his family and the big boat, Betty. Betty takes them over open sea to visit wonderful and famous locations. There are marinas full of people and natural inlets offering wildlife and protection.

Kitty loves the sea, but as he grows, he begins to dream for adventures on land. By accident, one day his dream comes true. Read how Kitty handles his decisions during this life changing adventure!

I wrote this book for Middle Graders, but I have received positive reviews from both younger children and adults. The book offers a great introduction to geography and history to younger ones. I also believe rambunctious Kitty brings the younger spirit out in older readers.

I enjoy writing about Kitty. This first Kitty book introduces us to Kitty’s earliest months and first adventures. The next Kitty Adventure, Night Lights, is in the making. It takes Kitty to the home place of Captain and Momma where only Kitty can save the river and all its the wildlife…

Let Kitty warm your heart and home!

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The Very Last Sunrise

Dynah looked at her twin brother Sol in shock.Did he say that they would soon fry?! A vision of Sol in a cooking pan appeared before her eyes! A billion years from now, the Sun has grown bright enough to heat up the Earth and boil away the seas. People have fled to a new star. The twins’ village is the last to go. But the day before, the old jelly-brain computer needed for the voyage has crashed. Starr, the twins’ friend and the main computer Keeper, has vanished. Has he really joined the rebel group that refuses to leave Earth? The twins set out on a desperate quest to find him. With the help of a rusty sailor-robot and an old Sun Scholar (and ice-cream), they escape bullies, storms, fire, and a tower to reach the rebel island with its mysterious playground. But will Starr help them? Or are they all indeed doomed to fry under the Sun’s fierce gaze?

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Alpaca Coat for Ruby

Our alpaca children’s picture book ‘Alpaca Coat for Ruby’ was based on a true story as most of the illustrations were inspired from actual photographs of Ruby, a baby alpaca. Have fun reading about Ruby, and how she discovers her real coat. It’s an easy way for kids to learn about alpacas!

Out of the hundreds of alpacas on the farm, none of the alpacas could compare to Ruby. She stood out on the alpaca farm, as she was quite the character with her abundance of energy and curiosity. Everybody loves Ruby! Her antics started early in life so enjoy Ruby in her first book!

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Bartholomew Buggins: A Zombie with Different Cravings

A humorous rhyming picture book for ages 4 and up by award-winning author Crystal Marcos features a distinguished little zombie who just wants to be your friend.

Dive head-first into the infectiously charming pages, oozing with whimsical verse and stricken with colorful and amusing illustrations. Bartholomew Buggins: A Zombie with Different Cravings is a unique, fun book that will have kids and adults shrieking with delight!

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Prince Martin Wins His Sword

This unforgettable debut embraces the heroic tradition of The Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Treasure Island-with a twist: it’s written entirely in rhyming epic verse, making it a thrill to read aloud with a child!

As Prince Martin admires the ancient steel in the castle armory, he longs for a sword of his own. But the King decrees his son must prove himself first. The boy gets his chance when the caw of a crow alerts him to trouble in the forest. From the safety of the trees, he spies four terrifying villains bent on kidnapping an innocent victim! And the only thing standing between predator and prey is a courageous stranger-who could sure use a hand. Armed only with his wood staff and a rock sling, Martin faces the hard choice:

Should he help or go home? The boy had to decide! And just how much help could a mere kid provide?

Featuring stunning full-color illustrations, Prince Martin Wins His Sword is a classic children’s book about a boy prince’s trials and how he learns the true meaning of courage, sacrifice, grit, and friendship.

With a great quest, high-stakes adventure, lovable heroes, and a mesmerizing cadence, this first entry in the new Prince Martin Epic children’s chapter book series is sure to delight!

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The Adventures of Fawkes Malone: Ghosts in the Graveyard

Fawkes Malone lives in secrecy below the foundations of Johnston Middle School. Living off school funds, he spends his days drinking espresso, listening to music and studying. But his quiet life is disrupted when he is offered a job investigating a problem bigger than anything a book can teach: the supernatural. From a mysterious manor, to hidden labyrinths, to creatures crawling out of the ground, Fawkes finds himself in a world of nightmarish intrigue that will test his mind and draw him closer to a menacing danger he is destined to face.

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Hacker Gran

Jake and Emma realize that the only way to help Gran out of her financial crisis, is to rob Uncle Matt’s bank.

What they don’t know is that Gran, with the help of the LOONIES, (the Ladies Organised Outings, Nights In, Event Society) is planning the same thing too. Will Jake and Emma escape from John ‘Lefty’ Thin and his villainous accomplice, Ronald ‘Righty’ Judgemental’s so called, ‘farmhouse in the country,’ in time to save Hacker Gran before she gets caught by Inspector Goodan? Can they also help Countess Iskusnyy’s recover her stolen jewels? Will Clawdia, the pussycat get her rhinestone collar from the ever so expensive, Fleas Witherspoon’s ‘Royal Kitty’ Range? The suspense is too much to bear!

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