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The Life of Captain Reilly

In flight no one can hear you snore …

John Reilly could be the pseudonym of any modern airline pilot. Fatigued from overwork and dismayed by relentless cost cutting, Captain Reilly finds himself developing an unhelpful aversion to the very people who pay his salary: passengers and managers.

Riding with the Captain on a typical flight, we watch as he struggles with the challenges facing today’s airline pilot: staying awake, keeping crew food down, fending off flirtatious cabin crew and completing the crossword before landing.

But, forced to work away from home, Captain Reilly encounters a new challenge: how to prevent his family life deteriorating faster than the once respected profession that still pays his bills.

The Life of Captain Reilly is a shocking but hilarious insider tale of the modern airline that reveals the industry’s greatest secret: glamour doesn’t fly anymore.

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An Embarrassment of Riches

embarrassment-richesWhen Ursula Barnett and her husband Jed win the Irish lottery, they think their troubles are over. But they are just beginning. Ursula coerces her Yank husband to retire in her hometown of Derry, Northern Ireland, hoping to atone for her youthful sins as a collaborator with the IRA in the 1970s. At the first sniff of Ursula s lotto win, however, her chronically greedy sister-in-law Fionnuala Flood rallies the family against Ursula.

Family saga and black comedy, love story and courtroom drama, An Embarrassment of Riches will take you on a journey to Northern Ireland and beyond, where Protestants and Catholics wage battle daily, and where crossing family with finance leads to heartache and hilarity, passion and tragedy.

“A Masterpiece!”

–Colin Quinn, Comedian, SNL, Tough Crowd

Publishers Weekly: “The Irish family at the heart of this hilarious novel is so tawdry and despicable, it’s a wonder they don’t kill off each other in the first few pages. …The central figure is Ursula, whose husband had won the lottery and has since gambled away much of the winnings. Ursula’s new (and fading) riches have strained many of her personal relationships, particularly with her sister-in-law, Fionnuala, a first-rate villain who concocts get-rich-quick schemes based on the misery of others. …Once the vulgarity and shenanigans set in, the novel is as absorbing as it is hysterical.”

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High School Dance

high-school-danceThe 2016 gold medalist in the Global Ebook Awards (humor/comedy non-fiction), High School Dance is a collection of memorable, meaningful and hysterical stories that capture the agony and ecstasy of junior and senior high school. The sequel to Starbuck O’Dwyer’s award-winning memoir, How to Raise a Good Kid, High School Dance will leave you laughing aloud and remembering what it’s like to be young, wild and free.

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Dear Nicholas: Memoirs of Life, Love and Friendship

dear-nicholasWith unbeatable wit, Cate and her friends pursue their one true love-their soul mate-their Noah. Their hesitations, desires, and blind-faith leap onto the pages revealing every woman’s optimistic panic as shared by friends. Cate captures years of conversations about loves and friendships-and machinations-in short infectious vignettes that give rise to ever changing maxims to live by, date by, and love by. When Cate’s first love, Cole, tracks her down twenty-five years later, everything points to him being the one-and not just another conversation. BUY NOW

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