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That Forgotten Little War

forgotten-little-warIt is 2012, and thirty years have passed since the Falklands War ended. Fourteen people who suffered through the war carry on with their inadvertently intertwined lives, in different parts of the world. Women and men, spies and nurses, soldiers and psychiatrists: some who are level-headed and some who are crazy. There are British, Argentines and even a Uruguayan. Their stories, from before, after and during the conflict, are told in ten apparently independent narratives that draw together to make up a heartrending novel with the structure of a puzzle and the vertigo of a thriller. That Forgotten Little War cannot be classified as a book about war, love, espionage or manners. It contains all these elements, however, as well as a cinematographic beauty and a touch of the perplexing metaphysics that universal literature owes to Borges.

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Good Old Boy

good-ol-boyU.S. Senator Bruce Sutton (R-Kan.) is hiding a dark secret. While touting his conservative family values in his reelection campaign, he secretly seeks sexual encounters with men online.

With his Democrat opponent’s ad campaign becoming more personal and viscous, and a blackmailer threatening to expose Sutton’s double life, he spirals into self-loathing and paranoia. The senator’s hypnotic narrative delves into the darkest recesses of his mind as his life spirals out of control.

GOOD OLD BOY, the first novel by Hampton Jacobs, is a perversely fascinating exploration of the dangers of hypocrisy by people with power.

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Dear Nicholas: Memoirs of Life, Love and Friendship

dear-nicholasWith unbeatable wit, Cate and her friends pursue their one true love-their soul mate-their Noah. Their hesitations, desires, and blind-faith leap onto the pages revealing every woman’s optimistic panic as shared by friends. Cate captures years of conversations about loves and friendships-and machinations-in short infectious vignettes that give rise to ever changing maxims to live by, date by, and love by. When Cate’s first love, Cole, tracks her down twenty-five years later, everything points to him being the one-and not just another conversation. BUY NOW

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