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The Sky Between Two Worlds

A story of intrigue, love, battle and survival in a future world of titanic East-West conflict. It’s 2031.

The world is divided between hostile superpowers–East and West. Kantak Johnson, about to graduate from MIT and join the Air Force, hears classmate Harvey Jamison describe a new material he discovered in his Materials Science class. Kantak recognizes that the material can prevent detection by radar. But Harvey’s professor, no friend of America, also realizes the significance of the material, and he discloses it to the East. Kantak and Harvey are suddenly thrown into a world of international intrigue. Can the two students escape professional assassins? Can the West survive undetectable nuclear bombers?

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The Highly Unauthorized and Wildly Fantastic Definitive Veterans Guide to Filing VA Disability Compensation Claims

This guide takes a veteran by the hand and shows them everything they need to know about the claims process and then some. The guide provides information on medical and supporting documentation needed such as, Nexus Letters, Buddy/Lay Statements, Disability Benefits Questionnaires and After-Action Reports. The guide also covers the 5 and 8 step claims process from start to finish. A Veteran can follow their claim online and track its status and they will understand exactly what is happening to their claim at every step of the way. There is additional information on 38 CFR, Book C, which is the rating criteria VA raters use to rate disabilities. Ever wonder why you only received 30 verses 50 percent for that disability? All you need to do is go to the rating criteria and you will be able to visualize exactly what you should receive based on your disabilities. There are also tips and hints as well as information to solve problems, such as the website for your Senator in the event you need to file a Congressional inquiry. This is the one book that every veteran NEEDS!

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No Peace After War: 26 Short Stories and Poems Illustrating Life After Combat

no-peace-after-warThere may be no experience more horrific, no personal trial more challenging, than a soldier facing the ravages of war. But for many members of the armed services, returning home after combat is only the beginning of a new, very different set of challenges. Facing isolation, lingering traumas, and unspeakable fears, these brave men and women struggle to find peace long after their physical service is done.

As the wife of an Iraq veteran and a volunteer who has worked with armed service members, author Claire St. Hilaire has heard a number of these heartbreaking, often complex stories face-to-face.

In No Peace After War, St. Hilaire shares a collection of short stories and poems that give voice to these dark and difficult realities-exploring haunting memories, society’s treatment of veterans, and the true definition of honor.

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