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Good Old Boy

good-ol-boyU.S. Senator Bruce Sutton (R-Kan.) is hiding a dark secret. While touting his conservative family values in his reelection campaign, he secretly seeks sexual encounters with men online.

With his Democrat opponent’s ad campaign becoming more personal and viscous, and a blackmailer threatening to expose Sutton’s double life, he spirals into self-loathing and paranoia. The senator’s hypnotic narrative delves into the darkest recesses of his mind as his life spirals out of control.

GOOD OLD BOY, the first novel by Hampton Jacobs, is a perversely fascinating exploration of the dangers of hypocrisy by people with power.

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Hillary Clinton: The Top Reasons Why She Must Not Win The 2016 Election

hillary-clintonHillary Clinton: The Top Reasons Why She Must Not Win The 2016 Election explores the sordid past of the democratic nominee and makes the case for why she must NOT win the presidency. From her Wall Street connections to her questionable decisions to her character, Hillary is the consummate insider and is not what the country needs at this critical moment. Read this book and share it with your friends. You must convince them to not vote for Hillary. America’s future may depend on it!

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