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Find Time to Write

This book of writing prompts will kick-start your writing habit and challenge you to schedule your writing for 30 days. It’s more than a set of productivity tips for writers – it gives you writing briefs to follow until your writing habit is up and running.

If you want to develop your writing skills, or learn to schedule regular writing time, or find out how to establish a writing habit, or if you need few or a whole bunch of writing prompts to get you going, you’re in the right place.

No-one ever sits down to write a 50,000 or 100,000 word novel or stage play or screenplay or non-fiction book. All writers of long projects do this: they write and redraft 1000 words 50 times (or 100 times). Or they write 500 words 100 times (or 200 times). Could you find the time to write 1000 words sometime this week, or could you write 250 words 4 times this week? If you can, you can finish the first draft of your book or play by this time next year. You don’t need to start with an idea. You need time and space to write, and you need to show up regularly. Find Time to Write will help you to show up.

If you want to write and publish a book, you need to find the time to do it. Using the 30 Day Writing Challenge, and a series of small steps, Find Time to Write shows you how.

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Effortless Writing: The Simple Way to Write and Guarantee Remarkable Results (WRITE BETTER, FASTER & SMARTER)

Want To Become A Best-Selling Author But Don’t Know Where To Start? Are you tired of “thinking about” writing a book, even making it a New Year’s Resolution, but never making it happen? Are you looking for a map that will take you from blank page to published author as fast as possible… without the frustration, heartache, and the dreaded staring at a blank page? If you answered YES to any of those questions then you need to read this book What will you learn? Identifying What Market To Write Your Book For The Working Environment Which Suits You How To Schedule Your Time In The Best Way Goal-Setting, Affirmations And Visualisations To Help You On Your Writing Journey Thinking Of Ideas And Growing Them Getting To Know Your Characters The Correct Layout And Presentation Of Your Work How To Think (And Write) Just Like Your Fave Author Exercises To Aid Your Creativity Keeping Readers Gripped And so much, much more I can’t talk about here

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