The Shackled Scribes

shackledFutharkia is a city built upon the layout of an ancient rune shape, and a foundation of slavery. The Broxanians have been enslaved by the Olgoikhorkian Masters to exploit the Broxanian talent for rune-scribing. In exchange, the rune-scribes are compensated with the sweet, golden liquid, Ichor, that the giant worm-like Olgoikhorkians secrete from their glands. The Ichor also happens to be highly addictive and psychoactive. The system has worked for millennia.

However, the Great Fern Jungle that surrounds Futharkia is dying, being bleached white by some unseen force. Coupled with the fact that the simian-like Fern Lice have been hunted to near extinction to provide for Futharkia’s ever-increasing demand for food, the ecosystem is near collapse. It is amid this setting that Cyesko Limariar, an aging rune-scribe makes one last attempt at greatness to lift himself out of poverty, even if by fraudulent means.

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Good Old Boy

good-ol-boyU.S. Senator Bruce Sutton (R-Kan.) is hiding a dark secret. While touting his conservative family values in his reelection campaign, he secretly seeks sexual encounters with men online.

With his Democrat opponent’s ad campaign becoming more personal and viscous, and a blackmailer threatening to expose Sutton’s double life, he spirals into self-loathing and paranoia. The senator’s hypnotic narrative delves into the darkest recesses of his mind as his life spirals out of control.

GOOD OLD BOY, the first novel by Hampton Jacobs, is a perversely fascinating exploration of the dangers of hypocrisy by people with power.

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High School Dance

high-school-danceThe 2016 gold medalist in the Global Ebook Awards (humor/comedy non-fiction), High School Dance is a collection of memorable, meaningful and hysterical stories that capture the agony and ecstasy of junior and senior high school. The sequel to Starbuck O’Dwyer’s award-winning memoir, How to Raise a Good Kid, High School Dance will leave you laughing aloud and remembering what it’s like to be young, wild and free.

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Choose Your Super Power : Live With Purpose, On Purpose, and Rock Your Super Self

choose-super-powerIn Choose Your Super Power, readers embark on a heroic adventure to define, develop and deploy their Life Purpose. Superheroes are rarely either super or heroic at the beginning of the story. Heroes have their own moral compass, their own autonomy. Readers work through the process of outlining their values and making sure they are deeply engrained.

The personalized exercises help readers who don’t yet know their Life Purpose to find it. Those who already understand their Purpose are guided in how to more clearly articulate it. How would you like to know and be able to articulate your Life Purpose? Choose your purpose. Choose your power.

Power is found in your purpose. In the final section, readers learn how to super-charge their purpose, making it a Super Power. Master your purpose to super-charge it.

Join me on the journey of Purpose. Life is meant to be fully lived. Are you ready to rock your new Super Self?

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The Snake and the Ghost

snake-ghostHalloween is around the corner – finally time to enjoy the haunts! Grab your kids and explore this unique picture book which veers starkly away from the conventional children’s picture book blueprint.

An intriguing storyline woven into a charcoal backdrop sets the stage for this spooky tale of the journey of a young snake named Haggus who sets off from his comfortable habitat and ventures into a haunted house.

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Serenity (Afterlife Book 2)

serenityThe sequel in the International Bestselling Afterlife series.

It is Meghan’s second year at The Academy.

While trying to help and care for Jason on earth she is struggling to keep up in school, where they this year will learn both to ride Pegasus’ and fly through severe storms. Meanwhile Mick is becoming more than a friend to her and soon she finds herself facing the unavoidable choice.

But something evil is threatening the students at the Academy and Meghan is no longer safe within the walls of the castle. Something causes several of the students to be caught in the middle of a nightmare, that they can’t wake up from.

Soon they realize that they might have a traitor in their midst.

Serenity is the second novel in Willow Rose’s Afterlife-series. Its a Y/A Paranormal Romance. It is followed by Endurance – Afterlife#3 and Courageous – Afterlife#4.

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Hollywood Jury

hollywood-juryHollywood Jury, the tenth book in the Hollywood Alphabet Series Thrillers, finds Detective Kate Sexton and her canine partner Bernie continuing their assignment in Section One, an elite homicide unit that works out of Hollywood Station.

Kate’s job quickly becomes more stressful than she could ever imagine when a deranged serial killer begins a murderous spree on college campuses. While Kate pursues the killer, she agrees to work part-time with a Hollywood fixer named Pearce Landon who believes an innocent man is on death row, facing execution for a crime he didn’t commit. Things become even more complicated when Kate’s new partner begins to unravel, her love life is in shambles, and she learns a truth about her deceased father that no one, including Kate, ever imagined.

Throw in Kate’s meddling best friends and private investigators/wannabe actors, Natalie and Mo, who are convinced their acting abilities will make them superstars, Kate’s former partner Charlie Winkler who comes out of retirement looking for love, and Kate’s duties as maid of honor for the Hollywood wedding of the century, and you’ve got all the ingredients for another wild ride through the streets of Hollywood.

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