Crawley Creek Ranch Bundle 1

crawley-creekA broken woman… After being kidnapped, tortured and surviving the brutality of human traffickers, Destiny Warren still finds every day a struggle. Every single minute she works to overcome her injuries, both visible and hidden. Despite her overpowering fear, she finds herself drawn to her rescuer, Brandon Bowers.

A man of honor… Bran Bowers was raised by his grandmother with a sense of responsibility and a serious demeanor. He’s spent his life working for everything he has, but Mother Nature and fate seem to be taking turns dealing his cards lately. Between a flash flood that wiped out his home, and a beautiful woman who’s scared to accept his protection, Bran has to roll up his sleeves and take a stand.

A mountain to climb… They say that love conquers all, but can it also overcome the horrors of PTSD? Destiny isn’t sure she can let Bran in, but she can’t seem to let him go. Will Bran walk away knowing he can never know her completely, or is he handcuffed to his own destiny.

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Close Relationships and Rewarding Businesses from Conversational Skills

conversationThis book could enable readers to learn conversational skills more quickly than from similar books. Only the basics are taught, which are often sufficient for many readers to achieve benefits like more close relationships, successful discussions with customers about their complaints, pleasure from hearing a friend describe a joyous experience.

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Resume Plus: 40+ Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out

resume-plusGet hired by making a resume that stands out!

So many resumes look alike, and you need to be noticed! “Resume Plus” is your guide to making a resume that is more interesting – because being remembered means being hired.

At the same time you wan’t to make sure that “interesting” resume isn’t confusing or annoying. That’s not going to land you the job.

“Resume Plus” is about all the ways you can punch up your resume, complete with suggestions, ideas, and a few warnings. Here’s what you’ll learn:

The difference between Serious and Stunt Resumes.

Nine basic ideas to make a resume more interesting.

How to use simple formatting and graphics to tell people about you.

Changing how you tell people about yourself to make a resume that’s both interesting and clear.

How to change and transform your resume in imaginative ways.

The options and advantages of virtual resumes.
. . . and, of course, much more.

It’s your chance to stand out!

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The Portal Series: Blue City

blue-cityJen Kallis never forgot the night her father vanished into a strange, white light from inside her closet. Even though no one believed her, Jen knew what she’d seen and refused to accept that her dad had abandoned her and mom.

Ten years later, Jen, now 17, remains haunted by his disappearance when, without warning, her closet door bursts open and reveals a bright white light. Stepping through the light, she time travels to the year 2222 to a world far different from her own. Everything in Blue City is strange, with buildings that soar too high in the sky, hover cars that zoom on transparent blue streets, and robots that look just like humans.

When Jen is confronted by Asher, an attractive commander with a rebellious spirit who warns that her life is in danger, she convinces him to help her escape and find her father. Together they embark on a wild journey where she has to battle Asher’s scary ex-girlfriend, Rogue, for his love, and Jen discovers that there’s something far bigger than her quest to find her father: the fate of the world-past, present, and future-is in her hands.

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edwinaA terrifying nail-biting horror story from The Queen of Scream Novels!

Marie-Therese is about to take in another child in foster care. But Edwina is no ordinary girl as Marie-Therese is about to discover. Stories of death and destruction follow her trail and soon events in the small Danish town will take a decidedly macabre turn on one horrifying and endless night.

EDWINA is a spin-off from Willow Rose’s third book in her Rebekka Franck-series Five, Six … Grab your crucifix but can be read separately.

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