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Them Rabbit Foot Blues

An ultra-unreliable narrator with a fetish for drugs must identify the killer, locate the girl, and identify himself, all while writing his first novel. The searches plunge this combat veteran into a netherworld of bizarre citizens, revolution, assassins, and superstitions.

A cleverly diverting narrative that remixes folklore, pop culture, multiculturalism, gender roles, history, sci-fi, noir aesthetics, and urban decay. This misadventure with literary ambitions challenges notions of society and self. At once a freshly voiced, compellingly enigmatic, utterly poignant, and darkly comic novel.

Can you unriddle Them Rabbit Foot Blues?

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Saving Eden

Amazon review 5 stars; To generate that level of emotion in a reader in respect of a fictional character is a brilliant achievement on the part of the author Amazon review 5 stars; An entertaining read which I highly recommend if you want a charming romance that is a little bit different “There is a conflict in every life called Love. A conflict as old as the Garden of Eden. A contest between right and wrong Within this battle of Love, every human being has a part.” She’s an All-American girl from Harlan. He’s a world-renowned ecologist from England. Who Knew? How were they to know their paths would cross in such a strange way? Was it fate or folly? How can falling in love be so easy, and yet so hard? They are just hoping they can stop the road being built, before it’s too late. Or at least before they both fall harder than they’ve ever done before. Alone they are one voice. Together, they are Saving Eden. A captivating and fascinating thought provoking read! Ward Thomas appear courtesy of themselves (Catherine & Lizzy) and Ward Thomas Music. Harlan campground, cabins & kayaking appear courtesy of CEO Mr Stephen Foster. All reviews received with gratitude.

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